Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sean´s Big Brother Profile

My name is Sean Vieira, and I`m twenty eight years old. I`m a doctor who does euthanasia. I`m from an African family, and I`m bissexual. My hobby is playing polo with my rich friends and I`m also a musician. I`ve been dating Charles for 1 year and a half. I`m a very open minded person to different opinions and ideas, and I expect people to respect my choices as well as I respect theirs.
I`m an atheist, however I respect all other religions.The reason I want to make part of Big Brother is because I`m very competitive, but also fair. I expect to win the money and have different life experiences. My only problem is that I don`t have the habit of wearing underwears and that may be unpleasent to others.

By: Yuri and Julia


  1. Sean is bissexual, however he`s dating a man for 1 year and a half

  2. you said that you`re dating Charles but when you get in the house will you stay with another person?

    Érika and Larissa

  3. I am, however, if you are interested i'm available, but only for one night ok?
    If you want, here's my phone number:
    Ask for Harry Naatz Junior (i's my working name)
    Plz call me!