Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ethan`s Big Brother Profile

My name is Ethan,I`m from Miami and I think I deseve to go to Big Brother because I`m a top model and people think I`m really handsome.Ican be a good player and I`ll definitely make the game more interesting.I`m 23 and I live with my mom - she does everything for me,so I hope the other players don`t expect me to help with the chores.In my free time I like to go out,go to night clubs and to the beach.I`m a really competitive person and I`m sure I have a good chance of winning.If I win the game,I`ll use part of the money to make a plastic surgery on my nose and the other part to buy a big house on the beach. Please choose me, you won`t regret it.


by Érika and Clara


  1. Very good and funny post, you are really hot.
    I wanna see you on G-Magazine.

  2. You are a handsome top model and i don't think it's necessary for you to make a nose surgery. However, you are very lazy!!

  3. XoXo Gossip girl, you know you love me ;)