Monday, February 2, 2009

Chimpsky - The Empire Begins by Hugo

In the previous episode, the monkey Chimpsky was gone without a trace. Coincidently, shortly after he escaped, I discovered that a new country was rising in the Amazon Rainforest. People were speculating that one animal was leading an offensive campaign to free all the forest's territory of man's domain. And we were losing. Some news from the countries in the vicinity reported that the leader was, with no doubt, a monkey.
Many thought it was a big joke, but me and my colleague Fabius were concerned about its meaning. After a few days, the emergence of a new country in the region called 'the Holy Simian Empire' was announced. This new information confirmed our fears. We were so intrigued about it that we decided to visit the forementioned nation. The following day, we took a plane to Manaus, Brazil. The city itself had not been destructed, as we thought, but it was under rebel control since there was no one in the streets of the city. The rebels, whoever they might be, apparently had left all intact. But we knew who they were, or at least their leader. For our surprise, Chimpsky himself was there waiting for his former masters.
Conducting us to his new palace, deep inside the jungle, he told us how those things had been done. With complicated hand signals, the primate leader explained that, after succeeding in subduing Brazilian apes, he began a new campaign with their fellow animals. Their objective was to enslave the local natives and then to take control of the land we humans know as Amazon. He explained that his country needed support initially and, therefore, they would not purge the land of the impure creatures, but capture the cities and force them to cooperate with the apes, or else they would spread a very lethal virus, more powerful than the HIV, whenever and wherever he (their leader) wanted. He tested his disease monster on some important local men to show them their power.
While Chimpsky explained his plans, my friend and I began a silent analysis. After understanding the political model of the new nation, we realized that this country was governed with an authoritarian model, probably based on Hitler's Third Reich. Chimpsky didn't realize that we were bothered by his speech and by staying inside his domains, where whatever he told would be the law. Then, he told us about the customs of his freaking empire.
He said human sacrifices were something trivial, as they needed examples to fortify their control. While he talked about the habits of his country he cited the most obscure local taboo. He said that he had forbidden the creation of opposing parties, specially those left-winged ones. Chimpsky hated communists as Hitler, his main influence, did. It was not permitted to talk about Karl Marx, nor Lenin, in his country. Another curiosity he told us was that the monkeys killed disabled babies as soon as they were born. It was necessary for the construction of a superior race.
My friend and I were afraid of the behavior of our old monkey. Chimpsky left us in some kind of hotel-prison, guarded by several apish soldiers. But we knew he wanted to kill us. He was only waiting for the best moment to attack, we would be his honor prisoners. When we were alone, my comrade said that we should leave that place as soon as possible. But how?

To be continued...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

It all ended up in Pizza

It was a great pleasure for me to be with you all. You are great students and also great people to be with and to have fun with. The pizza party was perfect and you had all the merit in making it so.