Saturday, January 24, 2009

My First Day at Escola de Música de Brasília by Larissa

My mom woke me up at 7:00 am that day. I jumped quickly from the bed and took a shower. I couldn’t sleep very well because I would have to take a test to be admitted to Escola de Música de Brasília and it was the first time that I would have gone there. Out of my usual routine I practiced flute after breakfast, instead of going to school.

Many teachers encouraged me, and also did my parents. They told me that I would have classes that I probably wouldn’t have at any private music schools and that there I would have classes with fantastic teachers. However, some teachers said that I wouldn’t succeed because I was only 9 and to take the flute course I needed to be 12 at least. After all the fact that I could play a little meant nothing to them.

I left home between one o’clock pm by bus with my mother and arrived at Escola de Música de Brasília at 2:30 p.m. At 3:00 pm a teacher told me to enter into a small room with four teachers inside it. They asked me some questions and told me to play some pieces that they had chosen. I answered the questions and played the pieces. When I finished they told me to wait outside the room. Then the teacher who called me to enter the room came and told me that I had passed and that he would be my teacher.

First and foremost after the test and the result I felt really relaxed and proud. Then I could see that the school was cool and relaxing, with musicians, instruments and music wherever you go. Before this day I learned that it does not matter if someone told you that you can’t do something; if you believe yourself and continue trying you can.

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