Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ana Lidia's case

Ana Lidia Braga was seven years old when she was found dead at the Unb’s ground, on the September twelfth of 1973. The day before she was left by her parents at Colégio Madre Carmem Salles and the gardener of the school declared that he saw her and a blond guy going out of school by the central gate. One of the most intriguing parts of Ana Lidia’s case is the passivity of the family, both before the kidnapping as the murder, the family didn’t really worry about the phone calls and requests for rescue and investigation in the process to find the culprit.
Investigators declared that the cause of the death was asphyxia, probably resulted from suffocation. It was also pointed that the killer had had sexual relations with the cadaver. The child’s body was found naked and her head was under the ground. There were excoriations and spots that indicated that the body had been pulled over the gravel.

Ana Lidia’s brother, Alvaro Henrique, his girlfriend, Raimundo Lacerda Duque( a prominent trafficker of the city), Fernando Collor (at this time he was fifteen years old) among others, were accused as the guilty but ended up absolved because there weren’t enough evidences against them. Crime guards strong relation with drug trafficking since the group suspected of the murder was made by addicts. There’s also the hypothesis that the killers were on effect of drugs but nothing was discharged, what strengthens the idea that it wasn’t really wanted to solve the crime. To further strengthen the suspicions about the case, the father of Alfredo Buzaid Jr. was responsible for censorship in Brazil, and Minister of Justice and the father of Edward was Eurico Rezende, senator, once both could directly control both the investigation into the running the press. Edward and Alfredo were also suspected of taking part of the crime.

Years after the girl’s assassination, in 1985, was made a new investigation declaring that the last one wasn’t good enough besides the technology was already improved. The mystery surrounding the girl’s assassination increased as the time went by and became a symbol of impunity’s in Brasilia . Ana Lidia became a name of a park and nowadays, more than thirty years later, her tomb is still one of the most visited in the city.


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