Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Brad´s Big Brother profile

I want to participate this competition and I'll give you some reasons for you to choose me.
My name is Brad I'm 24 years old and I know how to treat a woman.
I'm a special guy and an execelent player.
I'm handsome, I'm tall my teeth are flawless. My eyes are blue and I have a mysterious look. I love to workout and I'm a jiu-jitsu champion. I'm a blackbelt.
I love cooking and I know how to prepare special meals and I like everything dirty. I'm perfectionist, everything must have its place.
my objective is to win the money and I'm sure I will.
I'm sure that my presence will make this house better.


  1. you said that you know how to treat a woman, but with your style you will scare anyone in the house!!!!

  2. You said you know how to treat a woman, however, you don`t have any woman, do you?

  3. Whereas you are a perfectionist, you like everything dirty! How is it possible??