Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nandinha`s profile

I`m Fernanda, but you can call me Nandinha. I`m 21, but I`m proud of looking like 20 and half.

I`m beautiful,tall, hot girl. I`m a readhead and I have green eyes. I`m a little turned up nose so I won`t accept any kind of disrespect. I`ve got a strong personality, I`m always TRYING to be myself. I`m a vegetarian and hate religious people. I also hate when people try to give me advice, specially the ones whose lives are much more complicated than mine. I like men but I`m not afraid of trying different things.
I`m a good cook, but don`t forget, I only cook vegetarian stuff.

Vote for me, that everything will be on fire, just like my hair.

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