Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bruninha`s Profile

My name is Bruninha, I`m 25 years old with an 18-year-old body. This is not the first time that I try to participate of the Big Brother. I didn`t participate in the first time because I was in the beginning of my career as a model. But now I know that I will be selected because my body is gourgeous,it is no coincidence that my magazine was the best seller of 2008. I`m a determined woman, no matter what it takes. I`m not patient , everything has to be my way. If you don`t like it, I don`t care, this is your problem!
In the house I intend to meet a strong and handsome guy. I think that I could find a boyfriend for me easily, because I`m blond, I have green eyes,I am tall, intelligent and a very athletic person. The boys of the house will melt in my mouth. I love parties and normally I get drunk, I do think that people would be scared.


  1. You said you are beautiful, however, you are uglyier than hell.

  2. we can see that you have THIS gorgeous body, however, we want to know what do you do to keep your good shape.

    Lariisa and Érika

  3. your magazine was the best seller of 2008, but I didn`t buy it

  4. I desagree, but I`ll never say that you are beautiful..

  5. You told us that you are beautiful, but you are more than beautiful, you are breathtaking. In conclusion, like a goddess. Want marry with me?

  6. jULIA & vICTOR LUB 4 EVER XDJanuary 20, 2009 at 11:31 AM


  7. Julia & hikari Lub 4 everJanuary 20, 2009 at 11:32 AM

    she said she`s beautiful ,however, she doesnt have nipples

  8. Hello Bruninha! I`m totally in love with you! You are amazing woman with a beautiful body and I intend to enter to BBB just to meet you! However, I am not so perfect like you, but I believe that you will falling love with me soon! You know, I am very rich, girl... I love party too and when I am in parties I usually get drunk as you! Did you see ? I think we will be a great couple! I hope to you as soon I can! Kissescallme, Giordano Bruno da Silve Lima (the most gourgeous guy in the city)
    Kisses all over =**************

    PS: I don`t agree with you... I am certainly that I would not be scared, you know ?