Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bob for big brother!

My name is Bob I`m 80 and addicted to alcohol. Since I was born, I had my first contact with alcoohol, my mother used to drink so much that her milk tasted like wisky.
I was born in a small house in Bobskv, Russia and I lived there with my 18 brothers. When I was 18 (Because of my brother`s number) I went to the take off in a smuggling ship and I took a nap, when I woke up I was crossing the sea heading to California, and there I met who`d be my wife, Britiney. She was stronger than me but still was beautiful, had brown eyes, a turned up nose.
I started to work in the paper factory and there I cut my arm with a big cardboard. Since then I cant swim, now I`m worried if I can use the swimming pool of the house.Nowadays, I bought I floating tube, and I can swim like when I had my arm. I`d like to be chosen because I `d cause less trouble without my right arm and I`ve never seen someone handcapped in the house and my nob would make me so famous.


  1. You said that your mother's milk tasted like whisky,but you didn't say if it's your favorite drink. And how would you call this drink??

  2. Well, it actually became my favorit drink in the late years, however, about the name, I`d say milsky, a better name and resolution for the drink x3