Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chimpsky: The Beginning by Hugo

The day began with a fateful morning, not the same as the other normal ones. I was very bored, there was nothing to do. So, while looking at two boys playing in my neighborhood, an idea popped in my mind.I thought: monkeys are more interesting than humans. I want to make a monkey turn into a Satan's puppet. Therefore, I came closer to look into the features that were entertaining those kids. It was only a bunch of "bonecos paraibanos"(similar to porcelain dolls, although less sophisticated). Realizing my approach the alpha male delivered a roar. They were preparing for battle and, before I could even move, they threw stones on me. Confronting them would be stupid, because they were in a higher field, with more stones, than mine. So I fled to my house, seeking protection. But I would have my revenge...
Next day, I woke up sad. However, after the occurred, I had an objective in my simple and unworthy life. I told my hidden desire (to create an impish monkey with homicidal tendencies) to a friend called Fabius. He supported me. We would start the project in the following day. The first thing to do was to capture the forementioned creature, but not any monkey. We would need an African Chimpanzee. Then, we traveled to the dark continent, where the cities were poor and covered with jungles, and their inhabitants had always been attacked by famine and disease.
There we found a strange and unknown facility. A huge sign, in which was written "DAK" just above a swastika, however, informed us that it belonged to the Nazi German. DAK was the abbreviation of Deutsches Afrika Korps, the army which invaded and mantained North Africa under Hitler's control. This old building, impregnated with the smell of blood and terror, had a formidable laboratory, years ahead of the time it was built.
The devices were all covered with dust, because of many years with nothing but desolation, but we cleaned and put everything to work again. After we had fixed all the equipment, we left the facility looking for a primate. The search began in the interior of the African jungle. As we walked through it, Fabius heard a characteristic growl of hungry apes. With caution, we approached the source of the strange sounds. It was just a little monkey, alone and unware of our presence. I pulled my gun and shot with tranquilizers at the small creature. Fabius put it in the basket and then we went back to the strange laboratory.
After brainwashing the poor animal, we enslaved it and taught it how to read and to think by itself. It had a really curious mind, as it learnt very fast. Soon, it knew not only how to read, but also could express itself with hand signals. We named it Chimpsky. The training was hard, but short. He (at that time I would not call him by "it", as he was even better than some people i know) was an apt warrior, with strong capabilities in eloquence and speech. He turned into a very powerful and skilled criature, although as pessimist as Arthur Schopenhauer, whose books he read all by himself, and as ambitious as Hitler. Maybe the nazi lab was influencing him. He was starting to worry his masters.
Chimpsky's behaviour was becoming more and more obnoxious. His hostility was beyond imagination. We went back to our country, with Chimpsky as our pet. I had just mentioned those two boys who attacked me one day before all this journey had begun, and the monkey was already trying to find them and silence them forever. At least, he was protecting us. But our security would not last much longer. He was aware of our fear, and sometimes I thought he was just obeying me because i gave him food and shelter from the human eyes. He did not like any human being.
One day, I was heading back to my house, and Chimpsky refuge, after visiting Fabius and asking what we would do with our creature, when I saw the door wide-open. No one was there. Chimpsky was gone, all my fruits with him. He left a single video-message, in which his future actions were pretty obviously found out. To take care of the herectics. And we, men and women of Earth, were the impure. They, the apes, were the Arian race, pure and strong beings. He was gone, probably to his home, to train and guide his fellow kins.
After all this mess i fell bad for have trained a crazy chimp.


  1. very nice story! does it have a second part?

  2. Hi,
    I agree with you. It is a nice story. Hugo (a student of mine) who wrote this story has already written the second part an will be publishing it soon.

  3. Very lovely story, Jose.
    Kudos to the author! You are for sure a talented writer!
    Please, do direct us when Part 2 is published.
    Great way to use blogs in language learning!
    Hala (Sudan)