Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lindalva`s profile

Hey! My name is Lindalva, and I want sooo much to enter in the Big Brother. I am 24 years of pure beauty and simpathy, and I`m totally nice and hot. I can cook, clean the house, take care of children and drunk people (things that I learnt working for 5 years as maid). I`m blond (actually, I bought bleach and dyed my hair all by myself). By the way, can I bring bleach to the house? My hair gets black so fast...
I can also sing “We are the world”(iarnuo, iarne silver...) I totally LOVE this song.
I have a boyfriend. Actually, I have two. But, if I entered, I would break up with one, because I don`t like cheating, and I want to kiss someone inside the house.
I want so hard to participate of Big Brother because I want to become a singer; but if I can`t, I`ll be happy just for showing my talent of housework, so this way it`ll be easier to find a job. I guess the worst part of being there is that I will miss my cat, Bubbles, but I can survive with that.
Vote for me, please!!! I love you!


  1. you said you know how to take care of children, but how would that help in the house?

  2. You can be hot, but I can`t see that in the image.

  3. you said you very good in houseworking, however, you`re unemployeed. how you can explain that?

    Érika and Larissa