Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cell Phones by Bruno

In the last ten years, cell phones have evolved from a normal wireless phone to a mini-computer. People have practically everything they need in their pockets with the world’s fastest growing tool. Cell phones are now very advanced and in the process of becoming more affordable, even the internet is now one of the cell phones tools. Like anything in the world, cell phones also have a few bad points. However, the good points of the cell phones far outweigh the bad ones.
It’s a fact that the cell phones have facilitated life. Nowadays, if you are lost for example you can call anyone for help, but you can also use the GPS that the cell phones provide, or if you are bored waiting for something you can also play games on your cell phone, it even had a calendar which you can put notes, so it is just like an organizer.
However, cell phones still have many serious drawbacks. Although they provide you with a lot of tool, they can give you some serious problems; you have to keep an eye out for the bills. If you don’t control how much you talk you can end up paying a fortune just on bills.
Anyway, there’s no doubt that cell phones have brought more benefits than disadvantages. Personally, I use it a lot to make calls, use the internet, and to play games. It is also very helpful when I’m on a trip and want to get in touch with my family. In sum, despite its drawbacks, I believe it makes life much easier for all of us.