Sunday, March 29, 2009

A video on a new idea

Monday, February 2, 2009

Chimpsky - The Empire Begins by Hugo

In the previous episode, the monkey Chimpsky was gone without a trace. Coincidently, shortly after he escaped, I discovered that a new country was rising in the Amazon Rainforest. People were speculating that one animal was leading an offensive campaign to free all the forest's territory of man's domain. And we were losing. Some news from the countries in the vicinity reported that the leader was, with no doubt, a monkey.
Many thought it was a big joke, but me and my colleague Fabius were concerned about its meaning. After a few days, the emergence of a new country in the region called 'the Holy Simian Empire' was announced. This new information confirmed our fears. We were so intrigued about it that we decided to visit the forementioned nation. The following day, we took a plane to Manaus, Brazil. The city itself had not been destructed, as we thought, but it was under rebel control since there was no one in the streets of the city. The rebels, whoever they might be, apparently had left all intact. But we knew who they were, or at least their leader. For our surprise, Chimpsky himself was there waiting for his former masters.
Conducting us to his new palace, deep inside the jungle, he told us how those things had been done. With complicated hand signals, the primate leader explained that, after succeeding in subduing Brazilian apes, he began a new campaign with their fellow animals. Their objective was to enslave the local natives and then to take control of the land we humans know as Amazon. He explained that his country needed support initially and, therefore, they would not purge the land of the impure creatures, but capture the cities and force them to cooperate with the apes, or else they would spread a very lethal virus, more powerful than the HIV, whenever and wherever he (their leader) wanted. He tested his disease monster on some important local men to show them their power.
While Chimpsky explained his plans, my friend and I began a silent analysis. After understanding the political model of the new nation, we realized that this country was governed with an authoritarian model, probably based on Hitler's Third Reich. Chimpsky didn't realize that we were bothered by his speech and by staying inside his domains, where whatever he told would be the law. Then, he told us about the customs of his freaking empire.
He said human sacrifices were something trivial, as they needed examples to fortify their control. While he talked about the habits of his country he cited the most obscure local taboo. He said that he had forbidden the creation of opposing parties, specially those left-winged ones. Chimpsky hated communists as Hitler, his main influence, did. It was not permitted to talk about Karl Marx, nor Lenin, in his country. Another curiosity he told us was that the monkeys killed disabled babies as soon as they were born. It was necessary for the construction of a superior race.
My friend and I were afraid of the behavior of our old monkey. Chimpsky left us in some kind of hotel-prison, guarded by several apish soldiers. But we knew he wanted to kill us. He was only waiting for the best moment to attack, we would be his honor prisoners. When we were alone, my comrade said that we should leave that place as soon as possible. But how?

To be continued...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

It all ended up in Pizza

It was a great pleasure for me to be with you all. You are great students and also great people to be with and to have fun with. The pizza party was perfect and you had all the merit in making it so.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chimpsky: The Beginning by Hugo

The day began with a fateful morning, not the same as the other normal ones. I was very bored, there was nothing to do. So, while looking at two boys playing in my neighborhood, an idea popped in my mind.I thought: monkeys are more interesting than humans. I want to make a monkey turn into a Satan's puppet. Therefore, I came closer to look into the features that were entertaining those kids. It was only a bunch of "bonecos paraibanos"(similar to porcelain dolls, although less sophisticated). Realizing my approach the alpha male delivered a roar. They were preparing for battle and, before I could even move, they threw stones on me. Confronting them would be stupid, because they were in a higher field, with more stones, than mine. So I fled to my house, seeking protection. But I would have my revenge...
Next day, I woke up sad. However, after the occurred, I had an objective in my simple and unworthy life. I told my hidden desire (to create an impish monkey with homicidal tendencies) to a friend called Fabius. He supported me. We would start the project in the following day. The first thing to do was to capture the forementioned creature, but not any monkey. We would need an African Chimpanzee. Then, we traveled to the dark continent, where the cities were poor and covered with jungles, and their inhabitants had always been attacked by famine and disease.
There we found a strange and unknown facility. A huge sign, in which was written "DAK" just above a swastika, however, informed us that it belonged to the Nazi German. DAK was the abbreviation of Deutsches Afrika Korps, the army which invaded and mantained North Africa under Hitler's control. This old building, impregnated with the smell of blood and terror, had a formidable laboratory, years ahead of the time it was built.
The devices were all covered with dust, because of many years with nothing but desolation, but we cleaned and put everything to work again. After we had fixed all the equipment, we left the facility looking for a primate. The search began in the interior of the African jungle. As we walked through it, Fabius heard a characteristic growl of hungry apes. With caution, we approached the source of the strange sounds. It was just a little monkey, alone and unware of our presence. I pulled my gun and shot with tranquilizers at the small creature. Fabius put it in the basket and then we went back to the strange laboratory.
After brainwashing the poor animal, we enslaved it and taught it how to read and to think by itself. It had a really curious mind, as it learnt very fast. Soon, it knew not only how to read, but also could express itself with hand signals. We named it Chimpsky. The training was hard, but short. He (at that time I would not call him by "it", as he was even better than some people i know) was an apt warrior, with strong capabilities in eloquence and speech. He turned into a very powerful and skilled criature, although as pessimist as Arthur Schopenhauer, whose books he read all by himself, and as ambitious as Hitler. Maybe the nazi lab was influencing him. He was starting to worry his masters.
Chimpsky's behaviour was becoming more and more obnoxious. His hostility was beyond imagination. We went back to our country, with Chimpsky as our pet. I had just mentioned those two boys who attacked me one day before all this journey had begun, and the monkey was already trying to find them and silence them forever. At least, he was protecting us. But our security would not last much longer. He was aware of our fear, and sometimes I thought he was just obeying me because i gave him food and shelter from the human eyes. He did not like any human being.
One day, I was heading back to my house, and Chimpsky refuge, after visiting Fabius and asking what we would do with our creature, when I saw the door wide-open. No one was there. Chimpsky was gone, all my fruits with him. He left a single video-message, in which his future actions were pretty obviously found out. To take care of the herectics. And we, men and women of Earth, were the impure. They, the apes, were the Arian race, pure and strong beings. He was gone, probably to his home, to train and guide his fellow kins.
After all this mess i fell bad for have trained a crazy chimp.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jeff Dunham and Peanut

A very funny video and It's really worth it take a look. This video is about a ventriliquist called Jeff Dunham and his doll Peanut. This video has 3 parts but I'm posting only the first one, if anyone is interested it's all in the links connected to this one. Cya

Monday, January 26, 2009

Teacher's Recipe

Dear All,

I am glad you liked the cookies. Here is the recipe. Good luck!

C is for Cookie
Chocolate chip cookies
1 1/2 cups of butter (I use the 200gr tablet w salt)
1  cup of granulated sugar
1 1/4 cups of brown sugar
3 eggs
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
4 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 1/2 bar of chocolate - I use a pointed knife to chip the chocolate bar) real semi-sweet chocolate chips
Pre-heat the oven to 130°C. Combine butter, sugar, brown sugar, eggs and vanilla in large bowl. Beat at medium speed until creamy. Now you can remove the bowl from the mixer and continue adding the ingredients using the plastic spatula that comes with your mixer to stir it. First add chocolate chips, baking powder, and baking soda and stir all with the creamy mixture. Next, add flour (add cup by cup and stir each time you add a cup).

Use a tablespoon to drop the dough onto the baking pan covered with the cookie sheets, leave some space between them. Bake for 12 to 15 minutes to 180 degrees or until light golden brown. Let stand 1 to 2 minutes. Remove from cookie sheets.

Makes 4 dozen cookies.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Day When I First Traveled Alone by Clara

It was the end of June and I was still exhausted because of the tests I had done that week. My alarm clock went off at 5 in the morning; I got up immediately and put on the clothes I had chosen the day before. My mom was already awake, and my breakfast was on the table. I ate a little and started to think if I had forgotten something. Minutes later, my family and I got in the car and headed to the airport. It was still dark and that made me even more nervous. It was the first time we went to the airport with only one suitcase – I mean, there were two, but they were both mine. I was going to travel with some friends and no adults for one month, for the first time. That seems to be the best part, but it gets scary when you think of all the responsibility you have. Anyway, there was no turning back. My parents couldn’t stop reminding me of what I had to do and repeating the hundreds of advice I had been listening to for weeks.

When I got to the airport and saw my friends, I felt more confident and less nervous, because I knew that I wasn’t alone. All my friends were very excited, but I was still a little bit nervous. Some of them said my suitcase was too big, and I was going to have problems during the trip. I got really upset and regretted having taken that suitcase. Even so, I was extremely happy. That was like a dream coming true for me. I had always wanted to go to Europe, to see the Eiffel Tower and the Big Ben. I wanted to see everything, to visit every place and enjoy as much as I could. I knew, however, that I was going to stay away from my family, my friends and my boyfriend for one month. Also, I had no idea what problems I could come up against when I got there – after all, I would stay with an English host family, I would take an English course and know how life in London is. But I was prepared for that.

One hour later I was standing on a line waiting to board the plane. I got really nervous when I said goodbye to everyone. If I hadn’t prepared myself for that, I would certainly have cried! I finally boarded the plane, which was really big and comfortable, I found my seat and it took off. It took about nine and a half hours until we got to Portugal, and that was the longest flight of my life. Although the plane was really nice, I just couldn’t sleep, so I watched four movies. From there, we caught a flight to Paris. I sat next to an old lady who told me lots of things about life, and that was very memorable! I can’t describe my emotion when I saw Paris from the plane. At that moment, I knew that traveling alone was worth it.

On the day I came back to Brazil, I was really happy. I had missed the people, the weather, the food and even my bed! It was an unforgettable experience, though. I spent a week in Paris, the most amazing city ever. Then I went to London and, to be honest, I didn’t like the house I stayed in, but that was the only bad point. I had lots of fun in the city and in the school, where I met people from all over the world. I got to go to other cities such as Oxford and Bournemouth, and I also had the opportunity to spend a weekend in Scotland and see breathtaking landscapes. In conclusion, this experience made me more responsible and confident, I improved my English and learned a lot about other cultures.

My first day at school by Filipe

Since 1931 there is in Brazil the DST Time, it starts in the end of the year and only finishes in the beginning of the following year. In my first day at school it was not different, I needed wake up an hour earlier the normal time. I remember that my bed was hot and comfortable, whereas outside my home it was very cold. Also it was raining a little. The worst moment was when I needed to get up, but of course I was extremely flattered by my mother, she had been very affectionate, it helped a lot.

I’ve never woken up at that time to go to a school, but crucially with the weather like that. It was a difficult new experience for me. After all I had no idea of what would happen in the school. My Mom and my Dad told me that it would be nice and I would like the place and the people, but I didn’t believe too much. My brother tried to encourage me too. The same situation had happened with my brother only a year before, so in this sense he was the best person to tell me what could happen.

In the same year my uncle had bought a school bus, was in that bus that went to the school my brother and me. The bus was cold and the sky was dark, I almost cried. My brother hadn’t studied in the same school that me, so he couldn’t help there; it was a difficult point. When I arrived there were a lot of kids like me, totally confused. They introduced all the teachers to us and said who would be our teachers. Before I went to my class I, on the top of all that, lost myself to my teacher, but a nice woman helped me find her.

My class finished at twelve o’clock, I was happy. My teacher was perfect, I made new friends that day and after I had gone home I could tell my mother everything that had happened there. School was not something strange for me anymore, however I have stilled dislike get up early. I have been happy, my Mon and my Dad too.

The Forest Man by Mônica

Francisco Alves Mendes Filho, had just turned 44 on December 15, 1988, one week before being murdered. Chico Mendes received bullets in the chest in the backyard of his house in front of his wife and his sons. Chico Mendes born in the Brazilian state of Acre, in the “serigal” (rubber tapper settlement) called Porto Rico in Xapuri city. He started working as a rubber tapper when still a child. On December 22, 1988 he was murdered.
On December 9, 1988 the president of Rural Workers Union of Xapuri (Acre), Chico Mendes member of the Rubber Tapper National Council and internationally acknowledge by his ecological struggles, had been in Rio de Janeiro to participate in a round table. On that occasion, he said during an interview to a newspaper that he knew that he would be murdered and always asked the authorities for help.
In that time, Chico Mendes denounced that ranchers Darly and Alvarindo Alves threatened to kill him and had ordered the murder of more than 30 rural workers. On the same day, the congressman João Carlos Batista, from the Brazilian Socialist Party, declared in the Pará State Legislative Assembly that he too had received death threats. He was a lawyer for rural squatters and was murdered on that same night.
Chico Mendes learned to read when he was 20, until that time, he was illiterate. He studied hard. In 1975 he was already a leader and he was actively engaged in the rubber tappers’ fight against deforestation. He also organized several actions to defend the people’s right to land ownership. During that time, Chico Mendes was accused many times of inciting land workers to violence. He was already a target of evidence. But then it’s also true that he knew about the risks against his life, despite knowing he decided to continue his fight.
As a leader Chico Mendes gained national and international exposure. One of the most consequences of Chico Mendes’ actions was in 1987 when United Nations members met Chico Mendes in Xapuri, where they witnessed the extent of forest devastation and expulsion of rubber tappers caused by projects financed by international investments. Because this, the financing to the forest projects was suspended and Chico Mendes was accused by local ranchers and politicians of hindering the progress of the state of Acre.
Months later, Chico Mendes began to receive several national and international awards. Also he was receiving many death threats from powerful farmers. Nothing stopped him. Chico Mendes traveled a lot around the Brazil and this way he could denounce the predatory action against the forest and ranchers’ acts of violence against the Xapuri workers.
On December 15, 1990 when Chico Mendes would be 46 years old if alive, both farmers involved in his murder were condemned to 19 years of prison.
But, there are many questions without answers and a lot to be done about Chico Mendes’s case. It’s (insert) much more complex situation and several suspicion was not clarified yet.

My first important test by André

Last December, I took part in my first important test, the PAS 2008. It was a rainy day; the grayness in the sky already preceded the kind of day I was going to have. The test was supposed to start at 1 o’clock, and we were supposed to get at the school one hour earlier. As a result, I had to eat my lunch way earlier than I usually do. I also had to wake up earlier, in order to prepare the things I was going to take to the exam.
Even though I’m normally a good student, it was already the end of the year, so I hadn’t studied as I should, and that made me very nervous. My parents were very excited about my test, but each one in their own way. While my mom was encouraging me a lot, telling me that the text was going to be easy and fun, my dad kept complaining that I hadn’t studied as I was supposed to, however, he wasn’t talking very seriously.
We were already late as my mother drove me to the testing place, and, to make things worse, the traffic was much clogged. My sister wanted to buy some stuff, so she went with us. When I got there many of my friends were at the entrance buying food to eat during the exam. Talking with them made me much more confident, and as time went by, all my friends got there. After some time, I had almost forgotten the test. The test itself was, surprisingly, easy, even though I stayed until the very end of the time.
In the end, I did well in the exam (I still don’t know my grade, because the texts are still being corrected) and I felt very good in the end. I learned that even when things seem bad, you have to stay calm, as doing so is just going to help you. Being anxious won’t erase your mistakes.

Reckless Driving by Artur

At 5:30 p.m. on October 6, 2007, two cars were racing at the Juscelino Kubitschek bridge. Racing in the middle of the street is considered against the law in Brazil. One car was a gray Golf and the other was a red S-10. They were going from Plano Piloto to Lago Sul. Paulo César Timponi who was driving the gray car suddenly hit the rear of one car – a Corolla Toyota –, that was passing there. Three innocent women in the Corolla died.

Timponi didn’t provide the necessary assistance to the victims but ran away of the place of the accident. The police could only locate him after many search and the testimony of some witnesses in the police station. After that, he collaborated with the justice, staying at their disposal. The policeman found drugs – cocaine and hemp –, whisky and beer in his car. Because of this, it was concluded that he was drunk and drugged driving and speeding.

Paulo César had been in trouble with the law since 2003, when he was caught red handed selling drugs in a club; he had his name already registered in the Police Station because he had done some infringement as theft and robbery of cars. Timponi had at least 55 points registered in his driving document. His neighbors said that his behavior was like a rebel adolescent, never talked with them, was rude, unfriendly and impolite. Nobody liked him in the neighborhood.

Nowadays Paulo Cesar Timponi is in jail for six to twelve years depending on his behavior. The family of the victims is trying in the justice to increase the time of punishment and to receive money for material and moral damage.
Artur Adusumilli Cordeiro

Ana Lidia's case

Ana Lidia Braga was seven years old when she was found dead at the Unb’s ground, on the September twelfth of 1973. The day before she was left by her parents at Colégio Madre Carmem Salles and the gardener of the school declared that he saw her and a blond guy going out of school by the central gate. One of the most intriguing parts of Ana Lidia’s case is the passivity of the family, both before the kidnapping as the murder, the family didn’t really worry about the phone calls and requests for rescue and investigation in the process to find the culprit.
Investigators declared that the cause of the death was asphyxia, probably resulted from suffocation. It was also pointed that the killer had had sexual relations with the cadaver. The child’s body was found naked and her head was under the ground. There were excoriations and spots that indicated that the body had been pulled over the gravel.

Ana Lidia’s brother, Alvaro Henrique, his girlfriend, Raimundo Lacerda Duque( a prominent trafficker of the city), Fernando Collor (at this time he was fifteen years old) among others, were accused as the guilty but ended up absolved because there weren’t enough evidences against them. Crime guards strong relation with drug trafficking since the group suspected of the murder was made by addicts. There’s also the hypothesis that the killers were on effect of drugs but nothing was discharged, what strengthens the idea that it wasn’t really wanted to solve the crime. To further strengthen the suspicions about the case, the father of Alfredo Buzaid Jr. was responsible for censorship in Brazil, and Minister of Justice and the father of Edward was Eurico Rezende, senator, once both could directly control both the investigation into the running the press. Edward and Alfredo were also suspected of taking part of the crime.

Years after the girl’s assassination, in 1985, was made a new investigation declaring that the last one wasn’t good enough besides the technology was already improved. The mystery surrounding the girl’s assassination increased as the time went by and became a symbol of impunity’s in Brasilia . Ana Lidia became a name of a park and nowadays, more than thirty years later, her tomb is still one of the most visited in the city.

First of Many by Marco Antonio Bersani

It was my graduation party.
I woke up eagerly, anxious and sad at the same time. I mean, I obliviously felt happy because I was graduating from elementary school, but I was also going to miss my friends, since everyone seemed to be dispersing. We actually told ourselves that we’d never lose contact and when this thought came to my mind I just relaxed and enjoyed my parent’s good mood. Everything was perfect, it was MY day and nothing would go wrong.
Actually it would go better beyond anyone’s imagination.
My godparents weren’t able to come because my godmother was sick and my godfather had to take care of her. On the other hand I decided to invite some old friends of mine who were just like family to me, instead of selling the invitations. It was good anyway.
At about eight o’clock we left home and arrived at nine, tasting all kinds of feelings along the way. My parents were more joyful then I had ever seen them. They behaved as if I was already graduating from college! They were able to make people smile if they were at a burial, even a nasty one. I don’t reckon if I shared the same emotions, by this time I was getting really, really anxious.
In a matter of minutes I was at a trainees’ queue, waiting to get my diploma. When it was my turn I shook hands with all my teachers and took some photos. After everyone at the queue got the diplomas, the school’s principal took the microphone and told everybody she would call two students, a girl and a boy, who during the years at the school had stood out amongst others. I just managed to fight the crowd to get to my parents and guests when I heard my name. However I was yelled out loud, not by one of my friends, but by the principal’s! I couldn’t believe, I mean, there were people much more intelligent than me, it just couldn’t be. My mom pushed me to the principal when she saw I wasn’t moving. Disbelief was printed on my face. I walked slowly, astonished. Then I told the principal: "Why, why me?" and she answered: "It would be really stupid of your teachers to choose the most intelligent people, this prize is not for them, it’s for the ones who instead of being a shadow managed to shine, instead of being common, work hard to be as good as the geniuses ones. People shouldn’t be congratulated for being intelligent, it’s easy to be intelligent, since you’re born with it or not, but it’s not as easy to use it".
That’s how I was first in something for the first time and I learned that if hard working was the only way to be as smart as a genius, it would be the way I would choose. I really believe that if I keep that in mind, this would have just been the first of many conquers in my life.

My First Sleepover by Erika

I was 10 years old at that time and I was getting my bag ready to go to a birthday party. The day started like all the others, but now I was getting a little nervous because I was going to sleep in another place that wasn’t my home, my first sleepover. It was going to happen at my best friend Duda’s house. It was her 11th birthday and I bought her a perfume for her.
I went to her house by car at six o`clock.By the time I got there, almost 15 girls were at Duda’s living room, playing games and listening to music out loud. We played "Jogo da Vida", "Gato Mia", hide and seek, Detective, Killer, we talked about boys and ate a lot of funky junky food like popcorn, mini-hamburgers, chocolates, candies and sodas. Then, Duda told me that from the 15 girls that were there, only four, including me, were going to sleepover. So, as the time went by, the girls started to go home and in the end only the four of us remained.
So, one of us had a great idea, we should rent a movie, a horror movie. At that time I’d never seen a horror movie before, so I thought was a great idea. We rented "O Chamado" and watched it. What happened was, that we got so scared by it ,that we couldn’t even sleep.
At the day before we went to the club and stayed there until 5 o’clock in the afternoon, we ate barbecue we brushed our hair. After that each one went home and that was the end of my first sleepover and after that much others came. I felt very good and I LOVED the night and me and my friends do it all the time, especially at vacations.


My First Day at Escola de Música de Brasília by Larissa

My mom woke me up at 7:00 am that day. I jumped quickly from the bed and took a shower. I couldn’t sleep very well because I would have to take a test to be admitted to Escola de Música de Brasília and it was the first time that I would have gone there. Out of my usual routine I practiced flute after breakfast, instead of going to school.

Many teachers encouraged me, and also did my parents. They told me that I would have classes that I probably wouldn’t have at any private music schools and that there I would have classes with fantastic teachers. However, some teachers said that I wouldn’t succeed because I was only 9 and to take the flute course I needed to be 12 at least. After all the fact that I could play a little meant nothing to them.

I left home between one o’clock pm by bus with my mother and arrived at Escola de Música de Brasília at 2:30 p.m. At 3:00 pm a teacher told me to enter into a small room with four teachers inside it. They asked me some questions and told me to play some pieces that they had chosen. I answered the questions and played the pieces. When I finished they told me to wait outside the room. Then the teacher who called me to enter the room came and told me that I had passed and that he would be my teacher.

First and foremost after the test and the result I felt really relaxed and proud. Then I could see that the school was cool and relaxing, with musicians, instruments and music wherever you go. Before this day I learned that it does not matter if someone told you that you can’t do something; if you believe yourself and continue trying you can.

A Hideous Crime by Julia

In september 21st, 2006,an unusual crime shocked Brasília’s citizens. An old lady called Maria Pereira dos Santos, 79 years old was killed with two gunshots. It was a cloudy and rainy day and she decided to walk her dog called Lucky in front of her house at night, but she went alone this time. The bullets hit her right in the head, and she didn’t have time to say anything. By the time her son got there she was already dead. He was at home with his girlfriend and he went running outside when he heard the shots, but it was too late to do anything but calling the cops and an ambulance.
Ten minutes later, the police arrived at the crime scene, to examine the place and try to find something that could help them find the murderer. They interrogated Marcelo, the son, and his girlfriend Angela, but as they were inside the house, they couldn’t help the police find de murderer. The police arrested four men on a charge of murdering Maria, but only one was the real murderer. After a month, the police had already interrogated all the four suspects several times, and the only witness that was Fernando, Maria’s neighbor, couldn’t help a lot because the only thing he saw was a man that was totally dressed in black with a hat. After two months of investigation, they finally came up with the name of Romildo de Paiva. Romildo decided to tell the truth and assum his crime. The only doubt that was still in police’s head, was why a man would kill an innocent old lady, if she didn’t even have money or anything to offer him.
Romildo finally told the police the reason why he had killed Maria. He was being paid to do it, by a man who thought that she was a drug dealer’s mother. This drug dealer had to pay this man two thousand reais in drugs, and he didn’t. As a revenge, he decided to kill his mother but there was a misunderstanding and the innocent Maria was believed to be the drug dealer’s mother. Romildo also said that he was doing this "job" because he needed the money to pay a hospital to his son that was really sick. But his reasons didn’t really help him, because the fact was that he had killed Maria, no matter why.
In his trial, his lawyer tried to help him not to take so many years in prison, but when the jury finally reached a verdict, he got 30 years in prison. And there was nothing else his lawyer could have done. But he made a deal with the judge that if he helped the police find the man who had hired him to kill Maria, his sentence would be reduced in five years. His lawyer also told Romildo that if he had a good behavior in jail, he would have a good chance of staying less years in jail.

Bungee Jumping by Marco Antonio Justino

It was a sunny and really hot day. I woke up late, about 13 p.m, I was on vacation so that’s really normal. For so long I’d waited for that moment to arrive. My parents were so afraid. On the day before, they just couldn’t stop saying "be careful" or "look twice or thrice upon your rope", it was quite annoying actually.
I was really excited, that would be my first time bungee-jumping after all. When the time finally came, a lot of people tried to make me give up, the most commonly words I heard was "dangerous", "reckless" but nothing else could make me give up on doing that, I was really determinated..
It all happened in Florianopolis, the event took place on a park near a beach. I got my parents and my brother to take me there, the driving was really silent but I could see in their face they weren’t enjoying and when we got there I felt my heart pumping out of my chest and when I saw it I was already ready to jump and the guy said "jump" and so I did. When I jumped I couldn’t stop thinking "what the heck am I doing here?". You can compare the sensation, maybe with your first day in school, some fear, adrenaline, anxious but much more accented.
I’ve never thought that bungee-jumping could be such an exciting experience, I felt my heart beating twice it usually does. My parents and my brother were glad when they saw there was nothing missing in me but their face were saying "oh my god, I can’t believe he really did that!" and then they congratulated.

First time to the beach by Gabriel

I didn’t even sleep that day. I was so nervous about going to the beach for first time, see that gigantic pool that everybody talk about. The day was sunny, there were no clouds in the sky, in other words, a perfect day to go to the beach. My whole family was there, everybody was treating me very differently, like I was about to see the most extraordinary thing in the world. So my expectations were very high.
When we are 5 years old, we believe everything people tell us, so you shouldn’t say scary things to us. Unfortunately, my cousin didn’t think so. I don’t really know why, but on that day, he was doing everything to bring me down. Maybe (insert) was because everybody was giving me a lot of attention, I don’t know, but still, he shouldn’t have said to me that the ocean would eat me, the waves were higher than the buildings, and stuff like that. You can imagine how scared I was on the way to the ocean. I couldn't barely walk. I'm just really glad that my parents were there to give me courage.
We finally got to the beach. There were so many people there that I couldn’t see the ocean, and I was afraid of getting lost, but my parents held my hand and took me there. When I first saw it, I wasn’t really impressed, it was just like a big pool, but then, I was getting closer, and I couldn’t see the end of the ocean, I got closer and closer, but still, there was no end. I was so amazed, that I didn’t realize that a huge wave was coming, and it caught me. I was completely under the water, for a few seconds I thought I would die, but my father grabbed me and brought me to the sand.
Besides the fact that I almost died, the day was really fun, I really enjoyed the ocean. Everybody was happy for me, my parents said that I was really brave, and they were proud of me. My cousin, however, said that I was lucky, that the next time I would definitely die, but I didn’t really care, I was really happy for seeing the ocean, and overcoming that fear, so It really lived up to my expectations.

Gabriel Reis

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Creative Commons

Hi class,

Thinking about the things you are about to post, I would like to write a little about Creative Commons . This is a nonprofit organization that to share creative works with others. So instead of using copyrighted images from other source, can check Creative Comments to see what is available there. We can also donate our work to them, so that others can use it, too.
So when you need an image, go to this site and look for it.

Kindest regards

The importance of learning english

No doubt, English is the most important language in the world. Therefore, having great English skills will have numerous advantages.
First of all, every language is unique. They usually have different grammar and use of vocabulary, which means learning English by translating it into different languages will lead to an inevitable defeat.
This is a video from an interview with Anderson a Brazilian football player. His team is Manchester United and....

He didn't learn how to speak English as we can see.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Greatest Gadget

One of the greatest gadgets invented in the 21st century is the cell phone. Before that no one could imagine a portable and practical phone that could be used anywhere any time, so in this sense phones make our lives easier.
In case of accidents, help is called faster and that gives a bigger chance of surviving. We can talk with relatives or friends and solve problems, but more important, it shows how technology helps people and makes our lives more confortable.
However, some people say that the continuous use of cell phones can not only cause damages in the hearing but also in the brain. The cell phone is a favourable place for bacteria as well.
Anyway, these points have not been proved and , in the end, the advantages overcame the disadvantages. This means that people will still be using cell phones for a long time.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cell Phones by Bruno

In the last ten years, cell phones have evolved from a normal wireless phone to a mini-computer. People have practically everything they need in their pockets with the world’s fastest growing tool. Cell phones are now very advanced and in the process of becoming more affordable, even the internet is now one of the cell phones tools. Like anything in the world, cell phones also have a few bad points. However, the good points of the cell phones far outweigh the bad ones.
It’s a fact that the cell phones have facilitated life. Nowadays, if you are lost for example you can call anyone for help, but you can also use the GPS that the cell phones provide, or if you are bored waiting for something you can also play games on your cell phone, it even had a calendar which you can put notes, so it is just like an organizer.
However, cell phones still have many serious drawbacks. Although they provide you with a lot of tool, they can give you some serious problems; you have to keep an eye out for the bills. If you don’t control how much you talk you can end up paying a fortune just on bills.
Anyway, there’s no doubt that cell phones have brought more benefits than disadvantages. Personally, I use it a lot to make calls, use the internet, and to play games. It is also very helpful when I’m on a trip and want to get in touch with my family. In sum, despite its drawbacks, I believe it makes life much easier for all of us.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bruninha`s Profile

My name is Bruninha, I`m 25 years old with an 18-year-old body. This is not the first time that I try to participate of the Big Brother. I didn`t participate in the first time because I was in the beginning of my career as a model. But now I know that I will be selected because my body is gourgeous,it is no coincidence that my magazine was the best seller of 2008. I`m a determined woman, no matter what it takes. I`m not patient , everything has to be my way. If you don`t like it, I don`t care, this is your problem!
In the house I intend to meet a strong and handsome guy. I think that I could find a boyfriend for me easily, because I`m blond, I have green eyes,I am tall, intelligent and a very athletic person. The boys of the house will melt in my mouth. I love parties and normally I get drunk, I do think that people would be scared.

Ricardo's Big Brother Porfile

My name is Ricardo, I'm 23 . I was born in Ceará but I have lived in Brasília since 1996. At the moment I'm finishing my Law course at UnB. To distract myself I play volleyball and swim. I work at the Pioneer now, but I want to have my own store. I'm an easygoing guy, that kind of person that likes to expose his opinion but also funny and friendly with everyone. My intention in getting into the house is to meet new people, try new experiences. I'm sure I'm going to miss my parents, relatives and friends but I think it's worth the cost and if I win the reward I'll start building my store.

Kevin´s Big Brother Profile

Kevin's profile

What's up? My name is Kevin Cadillac, I'm 64 years old and I live in Brasilia. I'm a retired millionaire who lives life in the extreme. I'm a button collector and I play greek-roman fight. I like beautiful women who are 25 or younger. I'm tall, thin, with green eyes and a gray punk hair. I don't like washing the dishes, cleaning the house, cooking or anything related to domestic chores. My employees usually give me everything ready. In the house, I intend to manipulate the other contestants in such a way that they will fight against each other and I will win the game. I feel no remorse about lying, cheating or betraying my "friends".I want to go to BBB because I think I'm a special person that will make the difference in the house. I'm in for the win!
by: Camila and André

Sean´s Big Brother Profile

My name is Sean Vieira, and I`m twenty eight years old. I`m a doctor who does euthanasia. I`m from an African family, and I`m bissexual. My hobby is playing polo with my rich friends and I`m also a musician. I`ve been dating Charles for 1 year and a half. I`m a very open minded person to different opinions and ideas, and I expect people to respect my choices as well as I respect theirs.
I`m an atheist, however I respect all other religions.The reason I want to make part of Big Brother is because I`m very competitive, but also fair. I expect to win the money and have different life experiences. My only problem is that I don`t have the habit of wearing underwears and that may be unpleasent to others.

By: Yuri and Julia

Lindalva`s profile

Hey! My name is Lindalva, and I want sooo much to enter in the Big Brother. I am 24 years of pure beauty and simpathy, and I`m totally nice and hot. I can cook, clean the house, take care of children and drunk people (things that I learnt working for 5 years as maid). I`m blond (actually, I bought bleach and dyed my hair all by myself). By the way, can I bring bleach to the house? My hair gets black so fast...
I can also sing “We are the world”(iarnuo, iarne silver...) I totally LOVE this song.
I have a boyfriend. Actually, I have two. But, if I entered, I would break up with one, because I don`t like cheating, and I want to kiss someone inside the house.
I want so hard to participate of Big Brother because I want to become a singer; but if I can`t, I`ll be happy just for showing my talent of housework, so this way it`ll be easier to find a job. I guess the worst part of being there is that I will miss my cat, Bubbles, but I can survive with that.
Vote for me, please!!! I love you!

Bob for big brother!

My name is Bob I`m 80 and addicted to alcohol. Since I was born, I had my first contact with alcoohol, my mother used to drink so much that her milk tasted like wisky.
I was born in a small house in Bobskv, Russia and I lived there with my 18 brothers. When I was 18 (Because of my brother`s number) I went to the take off in a smuggling ship and I took a nap, when I woke up I was crossing the sea heading to California, and there I met who`d be my wife, Britiney. She was stronger than me but still was beautiful, had brown eyes, a turned up nose.
I started to work in the paper factory and there I cut my arm with a big cardboard. Since then I cant swim, now I`m worried if I can use the swimming pool of the house.Nowadays, I bought I floating tube, and I can swim like when I had my arm. I`d like to be chosen because I `d cause less trouble without my right arm and I`ve never seen someone handcapped in the house and my nob would make me so famous.

Fernanda - Big Brother is my life!

My name is Fernanda Vieira Mello de Silva and I’m almost 25 years old. I am a beautiful, smart, carismatic and friendly person. However, I am very shy to communicate with people that I do not know. Next semester, I will get my psychology degree and I really want to join Big Brother because I intend to study the behavior of the players to conclude my master’s thesis. I think Big Brother is a reality show that shows the filthy and selfish side of the human behavior. In addition, I believe this wonderful experience could help me grow up as a profesional psychologist!
Paula and Hugo

Brad´s Big Brother profile

I want to participate this competition and I'll give you some reasons for you to choose me.
My name is Brad I'm 24 years old and I know how to treat a woman.
I'm a special guy and an execelent player.
I'm handsome, I'm tall my teeth are flawless. My eyes are blue and I have a mysterious look. I love to workout and I'm a jiu-jitsu champion. I'm a blackbelt.
I love cooking and I know how to prepare special meals and I like everything dirty. I'm perfectionist, everything must have its place.
my objective is to win the money and I'm sure I will.
I'm sure that my presence will make this house better.

Nandinha`s profile

I`m Fernanda, but you can call me Nandinha. I`m 21, but I`m proud of looking like 20 and half.

I`m beautiful,tall, hot girl. I`m a readhead and I have green eyes. I`m a little turned up nose so I won`t accept any kind of disrespect. I`ve got a strong personality, I`m always TRYING to be myself. I`m a vegetarian and hate religious people. I also hate when people try to give me advice, specially the ones whose lives are much more complicated than mine. I like men but I`m not afraid of trying different things.
I`m a good cook, but don`t forget, I only cook vegetarian stuff.

Vote for me, that everything will be on fire, just like my hair.

Ethan`s Big Brother Profile

My name is Ethan,I`m from Miami and I think I deseve to go to Big Brother because I`m a top model and people think I`m really handsome.Ican be a good player and I`ll definitely make the game more interesting.I`m 23 and I live with my mom - she does everything for me,so I hope the other players don`t expect me to help with the chores.In my free time I like to go out,go to night clubs and to the beach.I`m a really competitive person and I`m sure I have a good chance of winning.If I win the game,I`ll use part of the money to make a plastic surgery on my nose and the other part to buy a big house on the beach. Please choose me, you won`t regret it.


by Érika and Clara

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How to post on the blog

Dear Students,
Blogging is something I am really crazy about. The idea is using this place as a spot for exchanging ideas, posting our writing assignments for the course, and any other thing you might want to. There are many good things about blogs. One thing I like about it, is that it is easy to publish and it is an authentic writing activity. When it comes to class assignments, it increases readership and makes writers more willing to write because they know that there will be more than one person (the teacher) reading what you wrote.
I am posting a video tutorial on how to post to blogger. Have fun. I am looking forward to reading from you.Happy blogging.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Predictions for the Future

We have been talking about the future and we have seen some predictions Stephen Hawkings has made about the topic. What do you think of his predictions? Is there any you think is more likely to happen? Less likely to happen? Do you have some predictions to make yourself? What do you think the future holds for us?