Saturday, January 24, 2009

My first day at school by Filipe

Since 1931 there is in Brazil the DST Time, it starts in the end of the year and only finishes in the beginning of the following year. In my first day at school it was not different, I needed wake up an hour earlier the normal time. I remember that my bed was hot and comfortable, whereas outside my home it was very cold. Also it was raining a little. The worst moment was when I needed to get up, but of course I was extremely flattered by my mother, she had been very affectionate, it helped a lot.

I’ve never woken up at that time to go to a school, but crucially with the weather like that. It was a difficult new experience for me. After all I had no idea of what would happen in the school. My Mom and my Dad told me that it would be nice and I would like the place and the people, but I didn’t believe too much. My brother tried to encourage me too. The same situation had happened with my brother only a year before, so in this sense he was the best person to tell me what could happen.

In the same year my uncle had bought a school bus, was in that bus that went to the school my brother and me. The bus was cold and the sky was dark, I almost cried. My brother hadn’t studied in the same school that me, so he couldn’t help there; it was a difficult point. When I arrived there were a lot of kids like me, totally confused. They introduced all the teachers to us and said who would be our teachers. Before I went to my class I, on the top of all that, lost myself to my teacher, but a nice woman helped me find her.

My class finished at twelve o’clock, I was happy. My teacher was perfect, I made new friends that day and after I had gone home I could tell my mother everything that had happened there. School was not something strange for me anymore, however I have stilled dislike get up early. I have been happy, my Mon and my Dad too.


  1. That story is a little gay, don`t you thing so?

  2. Yeah I agree with him!

  3. No, I don`t think so!
    Go eat cokies Gabriel